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The 2040 Homes team have many years experience in the building & Construction, Mining, Manufacturing and Energy industries and are qualified Electricians and Mechanics.

Frequently asked questions

1Can I use shipping containers on my block?
Most likely YES, every local government has their own rules however we most areas accept shipping containers the same as bricks.
2Can shipping containers rust??
While shipping containers are made from Cor-ten steel, they are not 100% corrosion or rustproof. ... The best way to maintain your shipping containers is to prevent rust from forming on your containers in the first place. This can be largely achieved through maintenance and regular inspection.
3Will my home look like containers?
Not unless you want it to, all of our homes are decorated on the outside to give the final finish that you desire, this includes are traditional finishes and many more options.
4Are containers insulated?
All of the walls in your new 2040 Homes shipping containers are fully insulated on the exterior to prevent temperature transfer and noise insulated in all interior walls.
5How high is the ceiling?
We only use High Cube (HQ) containers which give you a single floor ceiling of over 2.9 meters, this exceeds most residential ceiling heights.
6can my 2040 Home be fully off the grid?
Yes, 2040 Homes specialize in sustainable home design giving you the ability to live completely free from the grid for Electricity through to Water.

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