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Here you will find the most commonly asked questions and the answers to those.
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1Do I need a building permit?
The same procedure to building a standard home is required however shipping containers don't require engineering as they are much stronger than a standard home.
2What engineering is required?
The main thing for containers is how they are fixed to the ground, the footing requires engineering and this is included in your build cost.
3Can I use containers in my suburb?
In most cases the answer is YES, we would suggest double checking with your local government and we can help with this process.
4How long does the building application process take?
In most cases we can be ready to build within 30 to 60 days.
1Why use shipping containers?
Using shipping containers means you will have a stronger home that is able to be expanded simply and purchased as you need meaning you don't need to get a huge mortgage to own your own property.
2Are shipping containers safe?
A cargo container is made to be stacked. They are stacked on a container vessel (sometimes 8 or 9 high) while traveling from port to port. In most cases, the containers are loaded with products while making their way overseas. To put this into perspective, a 20’ container can hold upwards of 60,000 lbs. These capacities change depending on the size of course.
3Can shipping containers rust?
Containers are made from weathering steel or COR-TEN steel (U.S. Steel trademarked name). COR-TEN is a group of steels developed to resist atmospheric corrosion better than other steels. Due to its ability to handle the weather it is often used for many outdoor structures, like building facades and bridges. An unaltered container (one that has not been modified), is wind and watertight.
4How long will a shipping container home last for?
Depending on the condition of the container, some may last longer than others. A used container can easily surpass another 50+ years of use after its shipping life. Of course, this time frame can vary depending on how the container is used. A “One Trip” container is the newest and nicest container you can get. “One Trip” containers are not utilized in shipping service. They are typically loaded with cargo only one time before being shipped. They are then sold in the aftermarket for storage or for alternative purposes. This type of container can easily surpass 50+ years of use. Obviously, the lifespan of a container can vary, depending on how it’s used. However, The above factors are evidence that shipping containers are definitely well-built and durable. If you just need additional storage space or you plan to build using alternative materials, consider using one of the strongest structures in the world…a shipping container!
5How are shipping containers made?
The steel panels are cut to the correct size and are then corrugated. This process gives the panels added strength. The panels are then welded onto reinforced steel beams (the undercarriage of the container). From that point, the doors & floor are installed and the container becomes a solid structure. Finally, the container is painted and primed with marine-grade paint, adding a final layer of protection.
1Are they affordable?
2040 Homes targets to build its homes for the same price as a standard homes deposit at under $100,000 AUD. We think this is affordable and also in the price range of not needing a mortgage or at least being able to pay your home off in just a few years.
2Can I use floor to ceiling windows?
Yes, we can build your 2040 Home using floor to ceiling double glazed windows or any other style as all our homes are custom designed by our architect.
3Do they have good insulation?
Yes, our containers have extra insulation compared to a standard built home to ensure that we exceed 6 star ratings on all of our homes and to ensure you have a comfortable home that can maintain your desired temperature.
4How long does it take to build?
Most homes are built within 1 month in our warehouse and then take just a few days to install and finish at your property location, this means you can be in your new home sooner than ever before.
5Can you send my new home anywhere?
Yes, we can build your new home in our warehouse and then ship it to anywhere on the globe, that's one of the best things about container building.
6Can i customize any of the packages?
Yes, all of the packages can be customized to your needs.
7Can the container look like a standard home on the outside too?
Yes, the containers can use any decorative finishing that a standard home has on the outside which includes cement sheeting, rendering, brick, timber clad, hanging garden and many more.
8Can you build a car garage from containers?
Yes we can use another container to add a car garage to your home.

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